We are a tripod

We are a tripod – old-fashioned.   Not the one that holds a fancy camera.   But in a laboratory. Stinky, pungent-smelling.   Location of reactions – Mostly explosive. Emotionally tormenting – Followed by pauses of vacancy.   We are joined by Laws and cords. Where is love? Or even remote affection?   The rods […]

Enough of the spell

You have a power – Magical, Malevolent, Sinister.   Into the cauldron – goes belittlement, scorn, potion of bitterness.   The incantations rise – sonorous, ominous, over the years.   Words are your wand – Perverting, Degrading, All the good.   You invoke the spirit – of dread, of hopelessness, of lifelessness.   So, what […]


In the depths of the night, when the stars are shining bright I feel this ache in my heart there is only regret on my part about the things I did I cannot put on it a lid. Though I tried to forget only pain can memories beget the pain is too much to take […]